For the next 5 days we are going to post a “Taking care of YOU” top tip for our young people and families. We know this is a hard time for everyone and taking care of your mind as well as your body is so important at this time. These tips might not be anything new but sometimes it is helpful to have ideas broken down and shared again. Pass them on and help others too!

Taking Care of YOU – Day one
Talk to someone about your worries. It’s ok to feel helpless, scared or anxious at this time. It’s also ok to feel fine. Everyone reacts differently. Try talking to someone you trust about how you feel. Sharing our worries helps. If you don’t feel you can talk to someone you know, click the link below for a range of fantastic helplines.


Food Preparation and Nutrition.

Last Friday was Fishy Friday for 9E Food Preparation and Nutrition.

Using whole Mackerel, Mrs James demonstrated online how to remove the head & tail, before filleting and de-boning them to use in a Warm Mackerel and Beetroot Salad. She then pan fried the fillets, in a little oil, before removing the skin and flaking it. The salad was assembled and dressed with a horseradish vinaigrette.

Very well done to Jacob and Charlie for participating in the fish masterclass.

Mrs James, Head of Food

Year 9 Drama

Year 9 Drama have been working hard on designing shoe box stages using items they can find in and around their home.

The effort they have all put in to creating these designs has been fabulous! A special mention to Ruby M, Amelia H, Kellie P and Emily S for their fantastic effort.

Well done year 9, keep up the great work!

Miss Dickinson

Welcome to a virtual Exchange!

Willkommen zum virtuellem Austausch

Have the walls of your bedroom become a little dull and boring? Do you miss traveling to exciting places and making friends in other countries?

Then the German department has the perfect cure for you!!     


Dear Y9 German students,

As you will be aware our annual Exchange visit with the Hölderlin Gymnasium in Lauffen, Germany could not take place this academic year due to COVID and as we are unable to predict the future, it is not certain if it will be able to run in the next academic year. 

So that we continue our contact with our Partner School, and we perhaps find future Exchange partners, Mr Holfelder, the German Link Teacher in our Exchange School and myself, Mrs Dias-French, would like to establish Email links between you and German students.

This could either lead to a future exchange or just be a great opportunity for you to establish an email link with a student at a German school, improve your German and your partner’s English and above all, to get to know about your common interests! You can basically make a really good friend in another country without traveling! 

We will try our very best to match up English and German students according to their interests, so in order for us to be able to do a good job, I would ask you, if you are interested in taking part to write a little fact file about yourself(see document attached to SATCHEL), telling me about yourself, hobbies, interests, favourite music, TV programme etc.

If you are interested, please email with your Southam College email address by 22 February. Emails must go to:


I am looking forward to your fact file!!  Danke, Frau Dias-French

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