Southam girls footballers headed to Myton for their third week of league fixtures last night. Both teams had a brilliant evening of football, with some amazing skills and goals! Southam 1 played Aylesford and Myton and showed their outstanding abilities with their fancy footwork, shooting and defending. Holly F played a solid defender, protecting Alice C in goal and using her football knowledge to outwit the attack, giving the ball nicely to Evie C, Sienna V, Abbey G-S and Maddie N. In attack Maddie N used her speed to dribble past the defence of both teams and score some fantastic goals. Abbey G-S nearly got a hat trick in the second game, but narrowly mised out due to the final whistle!

Southam 2 also had a successful evening, having struggled in the last couple of weeks Flo M, Jess P, Lola C, Emily S, Marie G, Isabel S and Aimee S had lots of work to do. The team started strong against tough competition and fought off the attack and defence to finish 0-0 against a good Myton team. With the new additions of Katie D and Lauren B the team seemed more confident! They then had competition from Aylesford and although Aylesford got 1 goal the Southam team kept fighting till the end to finish 1-0 down.

A very successful evening for both teams, lots of positives looking forward to the next couple of weeks. The competition overall seems tight and the title is anyone’s for the taking!

Well done, Miss MacLachlan

Three wins for the Year 7 Netball Teams

On a cold, wet and at times hailing evening the year 7 Netball teams played 3 fixtures. Teams from Campion and Princethorpe came over to challenge the 3 teams.

The Pink team played against a Campion side, for this team this was their first fixture representing Southam College. Some fantastic shooting in the first quarter from Persia saw Southam sneak ahead 3-0. The defensive unit of Zoe and Nancy kept Campion out of the circle by making interception after interception seeing the score finish 9-0 to Southam.

The Red team played a different Campion team however saw a similar quality of netball and commitment from the girls. Similarly the girls took an early 3-0 lead with good shooting from Freya and Scarlett. The girls moved the ball down court really well using Justine at each end of the court. Campion struggled to get the ball into the circle as Minnie was flying around the court making regular interceptions and tips. Holly stood out as a strong and versatile playing being able to make well timed interceptions and accurate shooting in the final quarter. Final score 10 -3 to Southam.

Finally the black team played against a strong Princethorpe team. At this time the girls were absolutely soaked but still in high spirits. After a great start the girls saw themselves sneak ahead by 2 great shots from Amelia. The Princethorpe team found it difficult to move the ball into the circle due to strong defensive performances from Alice and Chloe H. As the match progressed there was some very scrappy passages of play due to the competitive nature and slipperyness of the courts however the girls battled through and showed determination throughout. Chloe S dominated the game in the 3rd quarter by making regular interceptions and moving well across the court. The final score saw Southam win 7-3, which is a fantastic result.

Three great quality games were played this evening in extremely horrible conditions. Reminder, please make sure you have suitable clothing even for fixtures.

Well done tonight girls, we were really impressed with you, good preparation for next Wednesdays fixtures.
Mrs Turton and Miss Maclachlan

Year 7 and Year 8 Disco

Right everybody, time to dance away the winter worries and get involved with the year 7/8 disco.  Come along have fun with your mates and maybe even watch your heads of year dance away as well.

That’s worth the entrance fee alone. £3.00 Bargain 27th November.

Payments before  the 23rd November.


Year 7 Rugby

One a great morning of sunny weather the Southam squad of 18 lads played against an inexperienced but skilful Camphill Grammar school Birmingham.

Fresh off a scrappy yet dominant win against Alcester, we were looking for whole squad improvements in the rucks and tackle area. We had worked on it in training and the lads really put into action what the coaching team had asked of them.

The first try was a well presented ball with Charlie S. silky smooth running through that was great to see. Harry L then followed up showing equally devastating pace to score out wide. A  great physical effort again today Harry! Spencer B has to be noted for a great clear out after he had just made a tackle. The hard work was however mainly done by the big forwards though who set a dominant base for the win. Lewis S. Tom W. Aly M Joe C. all grafted hard in the first third of the game. Sam R. put in a sublime kick and chase for Charlie to outgun everyone for his second. The one blemish by the team  was poor tackling on the huge forward Carl from Camphill who went over in the corner in the last minute of the third. He beat several tackles that were far too high resulting in a score in the corner. George P did however make some fine tackles in the first third. Charlie continued to dominate the first 5 of the second third. The ball  went through the backs after a brilliant bit of work from Joe,  Lewis and Hayden who latched on fantastically well. Charlie scored wide off the back of these forwards. His last was a great pick and go. He is a true talent who captains with grace, but is also keen to learn and develop his skills. He will with the same attitude and desire go far in this game. Warriors or Wasps Charlie?

The Camp hill boys were not to be down hearted and came back with direct running down the middle. It was here that ‘hit man’ Harding came into play and whilst some of the boys again tried to tackle a little too high, Will claimed 4 great tackles in quick succession to knock the wind out of Camp hill’s sails. Hayden W. then returned the ball with some great runs and offloads. Oli Godfrey had a clever little run and linked well. The ball was recycled for Max O to put a run together from fullback. Callum M. then secured the ball, Lewis drove in, recycled again with all the forwards and Callum went over. Great forwards try hitting around the back of the ruck for several phases. Callum got his reward for doing the hard work earlier. Joe C made some dominant runs and presented the ball well.  Southam in the last 10 were dominant in defence and attack; Josh E tackling down and drove back the huge Camphill Captain. A David and Goliath event and many peoples choice for champagne moment. That was shared however between a great secured ruck by Tom W and a fantastic text book tackle by James E. that made everybody wince! Southam did start to get the ball moving and Jack M had a great run on the wing. After going back to the other wing ,The ball was then presented brilliantly by Will M. ( one of several superb pieces of skill by the wing today in the ruck ) and Harry L went over for his second. The score could have been more if we had  given the pass at the right time and if players cut in off the wing earlier. But the rucking was back to top form. Well done on a great squad performance lads!

Man of the match for a great couple of runs and amazing tackles in only his second game – Will H. (get down the Rugby club with your mates Will)

Final Score Southam 35 Camphill 5

Areas to improve: Backs: width, passing and realigning in the backs after second phase. Forwards :Penalty and ‘line out’ moves, continued securing the ball after low tackles – hunt in pairs – look up Pocock and Hooper ( 2015 world cup – one man chop tackle -s the other over the ball looking for the turn over)

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