Webb Ellis information

Any student not going on the trip should go to the Gym am registration.

If you are going on the trip you need to be in the hall at 8.45am ,no later than 8.50 am when the assembly will start. If you have a bus that is late, it is worth getting in earlier if you can. 

Important information about the day will be delivered in the assembly. The quicker we get through this the quicker we leave so be prompt.

Food   – food is expensive at Alton Towers. It may well be worth bringing a packed lunch to eat there. You may bring money at your own risk. 

Clothes – it is non uniform, but the same rules apply to a trip as if you were partaking in a non-uniform day at school. 

Return to school – please have your phone with you to inform parents of estimated time of arrival. This can vary based upon traffic. Parents should not park in the bus bay. We hope to be back from 6.15pm – 6.30pm but again this is dependent upon you being on time and the journey back.

German GCSE Speaking intervention in ML1

In preparation for your speaking exam on Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th April you are warmly invited to attend intervention 

To support your learning, help with pronunciation, revision techniques etc, you are invited to attend intervention on: 

Mon 27th March

Tues 28th March

Wends 29th March 

Thurs 30 March           after school 

and Friday 31st March at lunch time. 

PLEASE REMEMBER THE SPEAKING IS WORTH 25% of your GCSE grade and you have a good chance to improve your overall grade in this skill with targeted revision. 

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