House Sports

Godiva and Webb Ellis battled it out in their first House Sport! The supporters on the side line created an amazing atmosphere! Both teams played extremely well, the year 7 girls netball team was a very tight match all the way to the end where it finished a draw. Webb Ellis fought hard in the year 8 girls match to keep Godiva from scoring but Godiva turned up the heat in the second half with a final score of 3-1 to Godiva. The year 9 Webb Ellis team dominated and won. The boys football was extremely close, a draw for both the 7’s and 8’s, with the year 9 Webb Ellis dominating agin for the boys.

Overall scores;

Year 7 Girls: DRAW

Year 7 Boys: DRAW

Year 8 Girls: GV win

Year 8 Boys: DRAW

Year 9 Girls: WE win

Year 9 Boys: WE win

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