Year 7 Rugby

Floodlight fantastic, but  rucking drastic. Thank the lord that Coulter Counters.

Hiring of Old Leamingtonians pitch allowed us to play a game under lights for the first time. Once the opposition had arrived Southam made a relatively strong start lead by Charlie S. and Josh E. They were  both far   more  awake compared to the opposition and the rest of their own team.  Charlie scored a text book barnstorming run whilst Josh sniped around a ruck outside of the 22 to score. Truth be told it was a story of poor tackling by AGS and individual play by Southam as our rucking was not up to our usual high standard. It is the basis of what you do well boys and must be improved. Once Harry L. engaged with the rucks it was far better, but it can not be as individuals that you secure ball, all of you need to do it. Latching on was non existent where it had previously been a great feature of our game.

Right…telling off over now on with the good stuff!! After the team  had been told to pull their finger out there was a much better response from players such as Lewis S. and Ali M. It was  Ali that got the rewards for a good ruck from Spencer B.  when he linked with Charlie to go over. Ball was then secured by Harry L and Stephenson went over for his second. Tackling by Sam R. and Joe C. was particularly crucial – fantastic defensive efforts that resulted in pushing  Alcester back into their half time and time again. Now we were all awake there was a turn of real class for the next try. A well won ruck resulted in draw a man and give enacted well by George P. who linked well all game. It went out to Jack M. who beat 4 players with a mazy run on the wing to score. Jason Robinson would have been proud! This was easily the best try for both teamwork and individual hard work.

Will H. should also be mentioned on debut for great runs and tackling. He has forced his way into contention for Saturday!

The second half we ‘rang the changes’ , and again lads went to sleep. There were quality players that came on from the bench but we were again out rucked and had to start from scratch. Again after a talking to we began to win rucks but AGS to their credit improved to meet the challenge. Tommy B. Jay W. and Callum M. all made improvements and got more involved. Just remember to keep your feet under your body and look up as you hit. Ausin O. should be mentioned for his grit in rucks and fearless effort in this area. James E. also came alive with tackles alongside Will M. and Joe C. who continued to tackle like a demon. Charlie F also made his debut this week and he had a great run in the second half, back yourself Charlie! Lewis S. came back on and was reborn again as he went over for a try off a penalty – great power, but he hit rucks much better as well. Charlie S. also came back on and scored from a pick and go at the base of a ruck. The champagne moment was however from Max O. who came on at full back. Alcester were through on the wing only for Max to come steaming in to perform an explosive text book tackle. what a cruncher!

Joe C. narrowly beat Charlie S, Sam R and Josh E to man of the match. He was consistent  through out today in his tackling and efforts.

Final score Southam College 40 AGs 0.

Next game Camphill Grammar Birmingham at home Saturday. More lads to come back in and changes to be made. Well done boys – Rucking to work on, tackling  and securing ball,  but a fine win.

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