Southam girls footballers headed to Myton for their third week of league fixtures last night. Both teams had a brilliant evening of football, with some amazing skills and goals! Southam 1 played Aylesford and Myton and showed their outstanding abilities with their fancy footwork, shooting and defending. Holly F played a solid defender, protecting Alice C in goal and using her football knowledge to outwit the attack, giving the ball nicely to Evie C, Sienna V, Abbey G-S and Maddie N. In attack Maddie N used her speed to dribble past the defence of both teams and score some fantastic goals. Abbey G-S nearly got a hat trick in the second game, but narrowly mised out due to the final whistle!

Southam 2 also had a successful evening, having struggled in the last couple of weeks Flo M, Jess P, Lola C, Emily S, Marie G, Isabel S and Aimee S had lots of work to do. The team started strong against tough competition and fought off the attack and defence to finish 0-0 against a good Myton team. With the new additions of Katie D and Lauren B the team seemed more confident! They then had competition from Aylesford and although Aylesford got 1 goal the Southam team kept fighting till the end to finish 1-0 down.

A very successful evening for both teams, lots of positives looking forward to the next couple of weeks. The competition overall seems tight and the title is anyone’s for the taking!

Well done, Miss MacLachlan

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