Year 7 Netball

A cold evening for Netball.

This evening Southam College hosted the first turn up and play event for the Central Warwickshire Schools.

Southam had three teams for the evening Yellows captained by Persia, Reds captained by Ioney and the Pinks captained by Ella.

The yellow team played 4 closely fought games, 2-0 defeat to NLS, 3-1 defeat to Campion A, 4-2 defeat to Aylesford and a 2-0 win against Kingsley B. The yellows were coached by Ava and Alexandra (10) who umpires some great games. I was extremely impressed with the commitment this evening girls and the player of the evening for the yellows is Grace Stephens.

The red team coached by Amy and Marie (12) had a successful evening starting with an 8-0 win against Campion B, 4-1 win against Kenilworth A, 3-1 against Kingsley and a final loss against a strong Kings High A team 6-3. Well done this evening, your player of the evening was Florence Mew.

Finally the pink team coached by Olivia (10) saw similar successes with a 5-0 win against NLS, 5-0 win over Kenilworth A, 5-1 win over Kingsley A and a narrow defeat to Kings High A 4-2. Some quality performances by all the girls but player of the evening went to Sophie Hancock.

A special thank you for the brilliant coaches for the evening, Ava, Alexandra, Amy, Marie and Olivia.

All in all a fantastic celebration of Netball, such a lovely evening and some quality skills on display.
Well done,
Mrs TurtonScreen Shot 2018-11-22 at 07.23.47.png


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