Last night, the year 8/9 with some year 7s football team played Kineton in the semi-final of the county cup.

The team started the game strong with E.Constable, A.Bourton. M.Free and S.Viteri pressuring forward in attack. A.Griffiths-Standagr and M.Norton kept pushing the ball forward and supporting in defence when needed. Some amazing attempts on goal from A.Bourton and S.Viteri kept the Kineton keeper active, but we couldn’t get past her!

H.Freimanis, M.Green, E.Luo and A.Stanley did well in defence to save A.Constable from having to do much keeping in goal. L.Parsons came on to add more pressure to the opposition, but still, neither teams could score!

At half time, Southam needed to up their game. Chasing every ball and pressuring every pass as well as being more creative in attack is what we needed.

After 2 minutes of the second half, Southam scored with a huge team effort, eventually giving M.Norton the goal. R.Dillon came on to support in defence and pressure the ball forward and A.Constable came out of goal to support in midfield, however, once Southam had begun scoring there was no stopping them! E.Constable, H.Freimanis, A.Griffiths-Standage and M.Free added their names to the score line and soon the game was being dominated by Southam.

Southam were definitely the stronger and more composed team in the second half and worked well together as the game came to a close.

Final score 8-0 to Southam! This puts the team into the County Final on Wednesday 3rd April at 4pm. If anyone would like to support the team and the U16s – the finals will take place at Campion school.

Well done to everyone!
Miss MacLachlan


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