Year 7 Netball finishes on a high

A huge well done to the girls who came across to NLS this evening for an evening filled with Netball.

Unfortunately, the evening finished short due to the hail  meaning we were unable to get a team photo at the end of the fixtures.

The evening started off with both teams playing Campion. The green team started well scoring 2 goals in quick succession with some very good movement from Grace and Flo. The girl’s played well, and were growing as the game developed. Star of the match was captain Freya, who gained player of the match due to her brilliant shooting seeing the girls win 4-0. The black team had a slow start and struggled to score a goal in the first few minutes, however they soon got their eye in and saw the girls sink 8 goals beating Campion 8-0 due to brilliant feeds from Chloe S and Scarlett (POM – Chloe H).

The second games saw the black team play Aylesford, the girls started well with some long shots going in from Holly allowing Southam to steal an early lead. The girl’s continued to play well together and allowed them to stretch out to a 12-4 win, with some excellent defending coming from Alice and Evie in the circle. The green team played a strong NLS side, who seemed to have height on their side, the match was quite scrappy but the girl’s kept their focus and  played some really nice Netball, however unfortunately lost 4-0 (POM Sophie and Freya).

The next match saw the black team play an extremely strong Kings High team. The girls remained calm and with a strong performance from Ella, Alice and Amelia meant that the girls were able to sneak ahead at half time. The positivity continued with Chloe H and Sophie picking up balls in defence and helping to bring the ball down court where Amelia continued to sink the shots, winning 7-4 (POM Holly)

Final matches saw Southam Green play the other Campion team and the black team play the NLS side, however due to a horrid hail storm the matches were abandoned.

A lovely way to finish the Netball season, you have all made fantastic progress this year. I look forward to seeing you all in year 8 and seeing how much you can improve again next year.

Well done,

Mrs Turton

Reminder: 24 Hour netball is on Friday which is the last of the netball fixtures for the year.

Southam Black

Amelia B

Holly F

Abby T

Sophie H

Scarlett S

Ella T

Chloe S

Chloe H

Evie C (Capt.)

Alice C

Southam Green

Freya E (Capt)

Flo Mew

Liberti B

Grace S

Toula T

Justine B

Minnie T

Phoebe C

Coaches Player of the Night:

Amelia Britton and Freya Eales

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