Year 7 Rounders

On Wednesday the year 7 Rounders team had their first match against Campion school. The team captained by C.Stretton, had great depth and skill and although hadn’t played together before, were excited for the challenge and first match.

A.Taylor was the first to bowl and did extremely well, working excellently with O.Brindley as back stop and C.Stretton on 2nd. S.Hancock provides a strong 4th base and was able to catch throws from L.Burgess, K.Davies and F.Eales who were fielding. C.Hayes did a great job backing up 1st and fielding the left handers. As a team Southam managed to keep Campion to just 4 Rounders.

H.Freimanis then started the batting off strong, scoring a rounder with her first hit. The team continued to bat well scoring 12 1/2 Rounders in the first innings!

Into the second innings the team were challenged with minimising Campion’s score and stopping the half rounder if possible. With K.Davies bowling and the team working continually well together, Campion only scored 1 1/2 Rounders in their innings – what an amazing fielding segment for Southam!

As Southam went to bat for the final time, they had won the match already so were tasked with placing the ball where the fielders weren’t. Again, some great hits and commitment from the team with F.Eales scoring every time she batted and continued Rounders from L.Burgess and H.Freimanis.

Final score:
Southam: 24 1/2 Rounders
Campion: 6 Rounders

Thank you to Olivia Constable for coming along to coach and umpire and to the whole team for their positivity and energy throughout the match! Well done.

Miss MacLachlan


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