Year 7 Rounders

The year 7 Rounders team had their second match this evening against Campion.

The weather wasn’t ideal but the girls didn’t let that stop their passion and skill from allowing them to win 17 1/2 to 10 1/2.

There was some fantastic bowling from Katie D in during the first innings reducing the amount of no balls conceived. The Southam girls were switched on seeing some good combinations from Emily, Abbey, Chloe and Alice to stop Campion on a total of 6 rounders. It was Southam’s turn to bat and some fabulous shots from Sophie, Freya, Katie and Thandi saw Southam dominate by scoring 10 Rounders and sneak ahead by 4.

The second innings saw Southam rotate the fielding positions and allowed Abbey and Flo to tackle the bowling. The fielding remained strong and stopped Campion at 4 1/2 this time. The Campion girls fielding improved in the second innings but still didn’t stop Minnie, Libby and Flo sneaking in some more scores – with the final score seeing Southam win by 7 Rounders.

Well done girls, a delightful evening – reminder there will be two matches next week so make sure you check the board.

Well done,
Mrs Turton

Player of the match: Minnie T

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