Year 7 Rounders Tournament

The year 7 Rounders team headed to Myton for  their tournament and last fixture of the season. The team started a little shaky against Myton in their first match, giving away a few half Rounders when fielding, however batted extremely well – leaving the final score 7- 6 1/2 to Myton.
The next game against Kenilworth was the complete opposite of the start the girls had previously had. As a team they performed excellently, closing down the ball and consistently working as a team to reduce the opposition score. We batted well and deserved the win 7 – 6.
The next couple of games against Aylesford and NLS saw Southam continue to perform well and pressure their opponents. Some outstanding performances from H.Freimanis batting and F.Eales fielding. There was lovely teamwork between O.Brindley and both K.Davies and A.Taylor when bowling and this meant that the team could keep the lead. L.Burgess, F.Mew, J.Buhour and C.Stretton did a fantastic job in the field and with the consistency of S.Hancock on 4th base, the team continued to impress.
Into the final game against Arnold Lodge J.Popa batted incredibly and scored 2 full Rounders with her big hits. The team, although fielded well, were outwit when batting and the opposition managed to snatch the lead right at the end with Southam losing only by 1 rounder.
Overall, a brilliant tournament with some outstanding performances from all of the team. Well done to H.Freimanis and F.Eales for consistently being selected by the opposition as player of the matches!
A great end to a successful season. Well done and thank you! Miss MacLachlan

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