Year 8 Netball team start off the season with a win

The first league match of the 2019/2020 season for the year 8 netball squad started this evening against Campion. A fantastic performance by all 12 girls helped to secure a 27-4 victory against a strong Campion team.

The first quarter saw Southam sneak out to a 7-1 lead; the attacking unit of Chloe S, Ioney, Holly and Amelia saw the ball flow effortlessly through the from a centre pass into the net. The pair at the back of Alice and Chloe H managed to keep out most of Campion attempts by intercepting the ball prior to entering the circle.

A big change up in the team didn’t seem to phase the Southam girls in the second quarter as they stretched their lead out to 12-3 at half time. Ella and Scarlett at C/WA showed their speed throughout the court and were happy to put the ball into the circle early to the new shooting combination of Freya and Flo.

The dream team of Abby and Holly (GA/GS) came together in the third quarter which is where the game got taken away from Campion, seeing the Southam girls score 9 goals in quick succession. Alice and Evie at the back managed to only allow 1 goal throughout the quarter showing their defensive dominance.

The final quarter saw another huge mix up for the Southam squad once more, this time Scarlet P taking the C bib teaming up with Ioney in centre court. The team continued to bring the ball well down the court and saw the game out to be 27-4.

A fantastic match to watch and umpire this evening, the girls player well together, trusted each other and worked well as a unit. I was really pleased with the progress you’ve all shown and I think we will have a very enjoyable year ahead.

Well done,
Mrs Turton

Oppositions player of the match: Alice (V.Capt)
Coaches player of the quarters:
Q1 – Chloe S (Capt)
Q2 – Ella
Q3 – Abby
Q4 – Ioney

Overall coaches player of the match: Holly

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 05.59.30.png

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