League victory for the year 8 Netball team

The side captained by Chloe S, put on a professional and mature show against Myton. The girls started the match playing outside in a cool calm manner. Amelia and Abby shooting well throughout the first 10mins gaining an 7-0 advantage. Chloe H and Alice in the defensive circle kept a clean sheet, intercepting the call at every chance. 
The third quarter saw Sophie and Scarlett team up in centre court to deliver the ball to the shooters and the ball flowed nicely down the court. Evie and Alice worked nicely with Chloe S work as a unit to limit Myton to a single goal.
Final quarter saw the combination of Holly and Abby in the shooting circle playing the ball nicely around using Chloe S and Ella well to reposition themselves. The defensive press remained down the court from Sophie, Chloe H and Evie who intercepted the ball regularly.
Final score 12-2 to Southam.
Oppositions player of the match: Holly
Coaches player of the match: Chloe S
Another fantastic performance ladies, you played really well and conducted yourselves brilliantly. Well done,
Mrs Turton

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