Year 8 Netball

Southam v Myton
One of the Southam squads this evening narrowly missed out on a win against Myton.
The first quarter saw the girls playing really well, shooting consistently and supporting each other.
Some great shooting from Freya in the first 3mins saw Southam take an early 2-0 win.  Freya and Flo continued to work the ball in the circle in the first half having lots of shots. Abby and Minnie worked well in defence turning the ball over regularly but the Myton team continued to challenge. At half time the score was 4-4.
Second half saw the game get a little scrappy and play breakdown a little. However some strong work in the centre court from Ioney, Grace, Liberti, Toula and Izzy saw lots of turn overs and excellent feeds into the circle.
The final score was 8-5 to Myton.
Oppositions player of the match: Freya
Coaches player of the match: Izzy
Well played tonight, a short sweet but enjoyable match.
Mrs Turton

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