Year 8 Netball Update

On a freezing cold evening we had another victory for the year 8 netball team seeing them gain their 4th league victory of the season.

First quarter saw Southam steal the lead from the off with numerous turn overs from Alice and Evie at GD and WD. Sophie and Ella worked well feeding the ball into Abby and Amelia. After the first quarter it was 5-1 to Southam.

A few changes happened at quarter time seeing Chloe S come on at C and Scarlett at WA. This injected some speed into the game and the girls remained consistent scoring another 4 goals stretching the lead to 9-1.

The girls took their foot off the pedal a little in the third quarter – seeing Aylesford start to come into their own. Finishing 11-3.

Final quarter the girls really went for it, scoring 7 goals due to some fantastic shooting from Amelia. Evie and Chloe H managed to intercept the ball everytime it came into the final third ensuring the Aylesford didn’t score anymore goals.

Player of the match: Scarlett
Coaches players of the match: Ella and Alice

Well done this evening ladies, it was a cold and dark evening but you still managed some good spells of netball. It was lovely to have some supporters this evening cheering on from the sidelines.

Good luck for tomorrow night against Kingsley!
Mrs Turton

Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 19.00.01.png

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