Year 8 Rugby

Kenilworth come crashing down as Southam u13 (yr8) take revenge in quality performance.
Southam look to build on successive Saturday morning wins against Alcester Grammar 35-5 ( where Tom W and Lewis S were man of the match – a rarity with 2 props as M-O-M) and a good team performance against Lawrence Sheriff winning 50-10, James E getting M-O-M for his tackling.
The test of Kenilworth was, as those that watched last year, going  to be a tough one. Southam played up hill in the first half and were outstanding in the ruck, as were Kenilworth. But Southam kept the ball and pressurised well. Ausitn O and Ephraim D set fantastic ball with Lewis S and Will H showing explosive mobility. Will was replaced by Tom W, who has showed strength and mobility being one of the most improved players in the team, while Will took his breath. It was Tom and the forwards that made great work to stop the Kenilwoirth team gaining the ball.  After a fantastic set of rucks, Charlie S made a break but was caught by a great Kenilworth defence. Then it was Kenilworth’s time to attack. A backs move let a flying wing come across only for a back on form Joe C to make a great covering tackle and James P to come in and hunt for the ball – a fantastic Jackle leading to a penalty. Charlie F also recovered well to make a powerful couple of hits and nullify his wing later in gthe half. Again great rucks and breaks by the team led to a flowing move off Harry L who after beating several players switched with Charlie S. Charlie showed quality power and pace to finish 15mins in. Deserved team pressure for a great finish. 5mins later further team pressure from a blitz defence led to a scrum just in side the 22. Josh E – a thorn in the side of Kenilworth and an attacking threat all day, went on the blind side – tricked the drift defence with fast feet and took 10 meters out of the team. He passed to Thomas H, who still had work to do with a cover defence looming. He bounced off several players to finish brilliantly. 10 – 0 at half time was deserved – some of the best rugby of the season.
The second half saw fresh legs in Callum M, Ally M and Charlie P adding strength and size to the team. they put themselves around the park well and Will H came back on part way through. The Kenilworth lad this time soaked up pressure with great jackling, Southam not quiet clearing out as much as they could. It was James E that came to the rescue on several occasions, keeping his position and the runners of Kenilworth at bay from the southam line. Never-the -less a score after a lack of numbers in midfiled and a fly half cutting through the usually sold southam line saw Kenilworth catch up with Southam, with a deserved try. Southam quickly responded though with a break from the scrum and Charlie S cutting against the grain of the Kenilwioth defence to keep a 15-5 lead. Another try  from a run from Lewis S and a run from the back of a ruck saw Charlie S go over again. Will M made some great cover tackles as did Harry L around the fringes to stop a wounded Kenworth pack. Kenilworth did score a cancelation try at the death.Southam deservedly won. A great team effort – and squad effort in training – resulting in a fantastic win 20-10. Southam taking the crown amongst the top state schools in the area. Lewis S was outstanding in ruck and Charlie S added some great finishes and get joint man of the match. However the whole team were fantastic. what an advert for Rugby

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