Year 10 Netball

After trips, fixtures and training being cancelled last year due to Covid; the year 10 netball squad were extremely excited to finally be able to attend their first netball trip representing Southam College. When we arrived Friday evening the beauty of Condover Hall did not disappoint and the girls were impressed with the activities and entertainment that JCA provided.    

The girls were lucky enough to have Saturday morning to allow for team building activities and mental preparation for the afternoon. Straight from lunch the girls headed to the court to take on the challenge and Southam 3 were straight on court against an extremely strong Alcester team, unfortunately starting the weekend off with a 2-6 loss. However they soon turned the day around with the following 2 matches ending with great victories 18-1 and 16-0 due to some amazing shooting from Abby, Amelia and Holly and pinpoint accuracy in feeding from Ella, Scarlett and Chloe. A tough match against Waverley netball club saw the girls agonisingly miss out on the victory in a 7-6 defeat. The final match of the day saw a fantastic performance by all the girls and managing their biggest victory of the weekend 21-0 due to the tight defence of Scarlet and Chloe ensuring that they kept a clean sheet.  

The second of the Southam teams had a similar set of results on the first day, starting with great victories of 3-2 and 10-0 due to some great work in the centre court by Izzy, Ioney and Liberti and impeccable shooting by Phoebe, Florence and Freya. The third match saw the girls come up against an extremely physical Preston netball club, the girls battled hard but unfortunately missed out by 1 goal, losing 2-1. After coming off from the loss the girls had to face the favourites of Alcester in which they battled hard but Alcester’s GA managed to steal the show and saw them take the win in a 16-1 victory. The girls picked themselves up and were able to steal a win in the last match, 6-3, thanks to a gutsy performance from Toula in defence.   

At the end of the first day the Southam teams were sat in 4th and 6th place respectively in the round robin competition.  

The second day of matches saw some very difficult games for the Southam 4 team, where they had to play the teams who finished day 1 in 2nd, 3rd and 4th place (including the other Southam team). They were unable to gain the victories but they battled the whole way through with help from the courageous captain Izzy. In the head to head Southam match Freya had an outstanding match at GK scaring the Southam 3 team limiting them to only 9 goals. The girls did manage a win on the second day (4-2) due to some key interceptions from Minnie and Tia in defence; finishing the tournament in a very respectable 6th place. 

Southam 3 knew they had to play well on day to try and secure a semi-final place. They started the day off with a victory against Southam 4, however they did have quite a scare throughout. The second game they knew they were due to play Preston Netball clubs 1st team, who were currently sat in 3rd place above them, the girls started well with some outstanding intercepts from Sophie but lost momentum towards the end of the match and ended up missing out due to some extremely good shooting from the opposition. It then meant that the girls had to win their final two matches to secure a place in the semi-finals. Luckily Amelia put on her shooting boots and barely missed a single attempt on goal, and Chloe managed countless intercepts ending the round robin matches with 13-0 and 10-3 wins.   

The Southam team finished in 4th place meaning they had to play the winners of the round robin tournament, Waverley in the semi-finals. The girls pulled out their best performance of the weekend with Sophie marking her WA out of the game completely ensuring she did not even touch the ball in the first half. Ella was forced to pull on every part of her fitness to ensure the girls were still in touching point at half time (down by 2 goals). Luckily in the second half Holly had 2 quick chances to even the score and it became a level playing field. The final whistle went with Southam managing to steal the victory in a 7-6 win this time. 

On the the final and the girls were drew against the very strong Alcester team who had beaten them the day before. After a gruelling 12 mins unfortunately the girls were unable to match the Alcester team but finished in a fantastic 2nd place.  

We cannot be more proud of the girls this weekend, from the outstanding performances on court, the support shown from the sidelines and polite and caring manner you have all shown. You have been a credit to the school and we hope to be able to return again next year with the same desire and attitude.  

Well done, 

Mrs Turton and Miss Murphy 

Player of the tournament: 

Southam 3: Sophie, for her outstanding grit, determination and her never give up attitude. I was extremely impressed with her performance and fitness throughout the whole weekend.  

Southam 4: Freya, for her consistent shooting, positive attitude on court and her versatility in positions. 

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