Well Done to the Year 10 Rounders Team! 

Thursday evening saw the Year 10 Rounders team take on the Area Tournament. The team played some strong opponents but were still able to produce a consistent batting performance over the course of the tournament with excellent hits by Scarlett, Sophie, Abby and Harriett to keep them in contention. However, the team excelled when fielding, with brilliant bowling from Abby and some sharp tactics being coordinated by Izzy and Chloe at backstop and second base positions. Throughout the tournament Mya, Jemma, Libby, Persia and Holly made some fantastic decisions when deep fielding, and as a team covered the remaining bases to apply as much pressure possible to the opponent’s batting side. In the third round the Girls faced a particularly strong sided Kenilworth team but rose to the challenge and were able to adjust to their tactics, coming away with all 3 wins going into the last round. The last round saw the team produce an outstanding performance with a total of 9½ rounders being scored within the innings and only allowing the opponent to score 1 rounder, demonstrating their fantastic teamwork. The team came away with a clean sweep, winning the tournament overall. 

Well Done Girls! A Brilliant Result!

Miss Owen and Miss Carro

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