Year 11 Netball

A fantastic performance for one of the last outings for the year 11 netball team. 

From start to finish the girls were exceptional. One of the best games of netball they’ve played as a team. 

With such a versatile group of 8 they manage to change effortlessly from quarter to quarter without hindering the score line. The final score after 40mins was 34-3 seeing accurate shooting from Chloe, Amelia, Holly and Abby throughout the game. 

However I think the biggest praise goes to the defensive team tonight. Scarlet, Chloe S and Chloe H all had stints in the circle this evening and managed to make interceptions, gain rebounds, force errors and hassle the opposition. With the added pressure of Scarlett and Sophie on the outside of the circle they managed to keep Kings high down to 3 goals. 

I was so proud of you this evening, not only did you play brilliantly you also conducted yourself in such a lovely manner showing respect to the opposition. 

Well done, 

Mrs Turton

Player of the match: Chloe S

Coaches player of the match: Could have picked all of you, but going for Scarlet. 

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