Year 11 Revision Question Packs

As you all know (or should) by now, using past paper questions as a core part of your revision timetable is key for reaching your potential in Science.

With this in mind the Science department have compiled a set of easy to access questions, broken down by topic, for each of your subjects, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

The QR codes shown below can be scanned using your phone to access each question pack, complete with mark scheme attached.

Our advice is to complete the questions ‘blind’ (without notes) and then mark them yourself. This will show you what you have in hand, and what you need to do more work on.

Any questions or topics which you are not doing well on should then be revised using resources such as revision guides, YouTube tutorials, mind maps, flash cards or simply speaking to your subject teacher for guidance.

We promise you this will improve your score. There is still plenty of time between now and the start of your exams to make great gains in both your knowledge and skills.

Stop talking about when you’re going to revise and start revising!

Scan the QR codes below to get question packs for each of the topics in all 3 Science subjects, mark schemes attached.

Keep an eye out for more packs to follow.

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