Revision resources for Year 11 Science students

Revision lists / specification lists:

These will be available on class charts for you print out.

Revision guides:

CGP produce great revision guides; you can order them at a discounted price via ParentPay if you haven’t already got them.

Past papers:

  • Physics and maths tutor click on GCSEs and choose past papers or revision resources for biology, chemistry and physics. Make sure you choose the right exam board and route (exam board is AQA; choose science for combined science courses and biology / physics / chemistry for separate science).
  • AQA website – click on either combined science trilogy for combined science or biology / chemistry / physics for separate science.
  • QR codes available via Southam College social media and class charts – scan them to get instant access to past paper questions and mark schemes on your mobile phone.

Youtube video channels:

Websites / apps: – this site is brilliant. It combines short video tutorials about parts of the exam course and then gives you self-marking exam questions to try. You will need to create a log in but it is free, and it can track your progress. – Educake can be used for general revision on any part of the science course you want more practice in, it’s not just for home learning 😊 You can use the Study and Quiz Yourself section to see how you’re doing and quiz yourself on the topics that need the most attention. If you’re still not sure where to start, the Revision Wizard button can help. It uses an intelligent algorithm to tailor quizzes and topic suggestions for you.

Required practicals: Lots of the exam questions are based around required practicals; at Malmesbury Science you can watch all the practicals which will help you to answer the exam questions.

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