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Induction Day

We are looking forward to welcoming our new Year 7 students tomorrow for their induction days. Please remember to bring a packed lunch, a bottle of water which can be refilled throughout the day and sun cream for break and lunch. When you arrive at Southam College tomorrow please go straight to the main hall to meet your tutor.

Please arrive by 9:25 for our first assembly at 9:30.

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What are HAPs?

Students can gain House Achievement Points in a number of ways including effort in lessons, sport, charity events, reading competition, full attendance, examination results, various department competitions, etc. Students can also gain house points if their uniform is consistently worn correctly. The efforts of individual students and groups of students in each house are recognised in an awards ceremony at the end of the Summer Term.

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Students can regularly earn a range of points for their effort in lessons:

Good= 3 points, Very Good = 4 points, Outstanding = 5 points.

A similar scale applies to the quality of class and homework relative to their ability level. Students can earn special points awards for a variety of reasons e.g. Student of the Month (25 points), Commitment to a Club (25 points) or a range of bespoke points awards.

Each term a range of award certificates will be presented

Diamond Award – Top points scorer in the whole school

Platinum Award – Top points scorer in the year group

Gold Award – In the top 5% of points scorers in the year group

Silver Award – In the top 10% of points scorers in the year group

Bronze Award – In the top 25% of points scorers in the year group

Ruby Award – Top points scorer in the Tutor Group

Emerald Award – This is the Improver’s Award and is given to 10% of the year group who have most significantly improved their position but have not gained a bronze award or above. Therefore, this award is only presented in the Spring and Summer Terms.


During the year you will be expected to work hard to earn House Achievement points (HAP’s). At the end of the year the house with the most points is the champion house. House captains are presented with the house trophy and students are allowed a day out, usually visiting a theme park to celebrate their success. Points are earned by collecting merits from teachers, sport, quizzes, competitions & exams. The current Houses are Godiva (Blue), Webb Ellis (Yellow), Whittle (Red) and Shakespeare (Purple).

The colour on your tie will correspond to your house, other than this everyone’s uniform is exactly the same & must be worn properly at ALL times.



plannerThere are some things that you will need to bring to College EVERY DAY.

  • Planner – you will get this on your first day in September.
  • Reading Book – you should always have a book you can read in your bag.
  • Equipment – black or blue pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, calculator, ruler & a small pocket Dictionary


You will have different teachers for each subject so there will be lots of new people to get to know.

You will see your tutor twice a day during registration. You can ask your tutor if there is anything that you are not sure of or are worried about.

Your Head of Year works with your tutors to make sure that you are able to achieve your true potential in every area of college life. You can find them if you have any problems or if there is some- thing you think they’d like to know. Heads of Year love to hear good news!

There are lots of other members of staff in school that may not be your teachers, however they will be happy to help if you need it.



You will be set home learning from each subject (Maths, English, Science, Art, Drama, Languages, Geography, History, ICT, Life skills, Music & Technology) but don’t worry they won’t all be on the same day!


  • Always be equipped and ready to learn
  • Participate and listen to others
  • Be responsible for your learning and try to work things out yourself
  • Ask and answer questions about your learning
  • Respond to feedback and actions straight away