House Sports


Yesterday’s House Sport proved to be the most exciting. Amazing turnout from both houses with incredible atmosphere on the sidelines.

Year 7 Girls: DRAW
Year 7 Boys: WH win

Year 8 Girls: GV win

Year 8 Boys: WH win

Year 9 Girls: WH win

Year 9 Boys: WH win

Godiva and Shakespeare on Tuesday!

Shakespeare v Webb Ellis House Sport

Amazing turn out today from both houses! Well done to everyone who showed up to support – the atmosphere was incredible! Both teams had wins and draws, very exciting competition. Looking forward to Thursday where Godiva take on Whittle!
Year 7 Girls: WE win
Year 7 Boys: DRAW
Year 8 Girls: SE win
Year 8 Boys: DRAW
Year 9 Girls: WE win
Year 9 Boys: SE win

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