Welcome to a virtual Exchange!

Willkommen zum virtuellem Austausch

Have the walls of your bedroom become a little dull and boring? Do you miss traveling to exciting places and making friends in other countries?

Then the German department has the perfect cure for you!!     


Dear Y9 German students,

As you will be aware our annual Exchange visit with the Hölderlin Gymnasium in Lauffen, Germany could not take place this academic year due to COVID and as we are unable to predict the future, it is not certain if it will be able to run in the next academic year. 

So that we continue our contact with our Partner School, and we perhaps find future Exchange partners, Mr Holfelder, the German Link Teacher in our Exchange School and myself, Mrs Dias-French, would like to establish Email links between you and German students.

This could either lead to a future exchange or just be a great opportunity for you to establish an email link with a student at a German school, improve your German and your partner’s English and above all, to get to know about your common interests! You can basically make a really good friend in another country without traveling! 

We will try our very best to match up English and German students according to their interests, so in order for us to be able to do a good job, I would ask you, if you are interested in taking part to write a little fact file about yourself(see document attached to SATCHEL), telling me about yourself, hobbies, interests, favourite music, TV programme etc.

If you are interested, please email with your Southam College email address by 22 February. Emails must go to:


I am looking forward to your fact file!!  Danke, Frau Dias-French

Food Department Live Lessons

During this week, our year 9 students had an introduction to chicken portioning.  During live lessons with Mrs James and Miss Sinden our students watched a demonstration of how to portion a chicken and how to make homemade Chicken Kiev’s.  

In their live lessons our Year 11 Students recapped these skills, and many joined in with the live cook along by portioning their own chicken and making chicken Kiev’s or an alternative of their own choice.   

Holocaust Educational Trust

40 Year 9 students had the privilege of being able to take part in a remote webcast of a Holocaust survivor’s testimony organised by the Holocaust Educational Trust today, as part of our reflections for Holocaust Memorial Day.

Eve’s inspirational personal story and sentiment of not giving up and finding ways to cope with her situation was such an important message and relevant to our lives today. Eve dedicates her life, even at 90 years old, to educating others and bearing witness to the events of the Holocaust to guard against the dangers of discrimination and asked of us to ensure that we ‘don’t forget’. Her moving testimony was concluded with her very wise words of advice; ‘treat everyone respectfully and lovingly’.

Thank you to all the students who took part and for your excellent questions for Eve.


There are a number of laws designed to protect people from discrimination. You can learn about The Equality Act 2010 from this video and poster. It is good that we have laws but remember what we need to do ourselves is understand what racism is and oppose it wherever we see it, no matter who we are.

Echo Eternal

Today marks Southam College’s participation in a national Holocaust commemoration project, run by the Holocaust charity, Echo Eternal.
As part of the campagin, Southam College are part of Echo Eternal’s Horizons Festival 2021 and we are delighted to present our calendar of events, supporting this year’s theme, ‘be the light in the darkness.’ 

In lessons today, Year 9 students will follow our calendar of events, exploring our assigned Holocaust survivor, Dov Reichmann.

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