Science Revision Guides

Science revision guides and workbooks are now available at cost price on Parentpay. These would be especially useful this year as they give an excellent, comprehensive coverage of everything students need to know.

Please look out for the letters which will be coming out soon, however the letter is just for information. If you want to get on with it as soon as possible we will make sure that every student gets the right ones for the course they are on.

As always, we are happy to exchange any which are still in good condition if students change group, tier or course as there are plenty of things we can do with slightly used copies.

Before you do that, it is worth checking if students in Years 8,10 and 11 have already got one somewhere!

If you require further information, please email me directly.

Jim Eltringham, Head of Science

Competition Results

As part of Southam College’s World Kindness day, students were asked to enter our poloroid of kindness.

We recieved a large amount of entries which highlights the kind acts our students have done or are continuing to do!

1st – Gracie R Year 7 – Collecting over 30 bags of warm clothes for The Helping Hands community project

2nd – Harry S Year 7 – Delivered newspapers to elderly residents during lockdown

3rd – Cade B Year 9 – Ran a fundraiser in South Africa for local animals in a drought

4th – Arianna B Year 8 – Visited Springhill Prison in Thailand to give food to prisoners and monks.

Coventry and Warwickshire Youth SACRE conference

Southam College Year 9 students took part in the Coventry and Warwickshire Youth SACRE conference yesterday as part of our World Inclusivity Week.

As part of the Youth SACRE conference, students explored the key theme of ‘being neighbourly.’ Students heard presentations from the Dean of Coventry Cathedral, the Bahi faith, the Jewish community, a local Iman, Humanist UK and from the local Hindu community.The focus of the conference was on being a good person and how we can help everyone!

Thank you to the Coventry and Warwickshire SACRE for being part of our World Inclusivity Week!


Following the new guidance for schools during this month long lockdown there will be no after school clubs e.g. sports, reading group etc during lockdown. As a result late buses will not run during lockdown.Year 11 and 13 subject booster sessions and detentions continue as normal. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Year 9 Food Preparation and Nutrition

9E had their first practical lesson back in the food room this morning.  To enable this to happen, all the ingredients are prepared for them and all equipment is laid out, to prevent unnecessary contact with door handles/ drawers etc.  The students worked well to make Shortcrust pastry and roll it out to make Jam Tarts.  After washing up their equipment, all of it is checked, sanitised and put away, ready for the next group.  Year 9 were able to take their Jam Tarts away with them for a break time snack. 

Well done 9E. 

Miss Sinden

Character & Culture lessons

As part of Character & Culture lessons, all Year 9 and 10 students have been participating in a virtual Child Criminal Exploitation workshop with Loudmouth Education. Students have learned what Child Criminal Exploitation is, warning signs that a young person is being exploited, and where to go for support if they think they, or someone they know, are being exploited.


As part of Southam College’s World Inclusivity week, we are working together with The Helping Hands Community project. We are collecting warm clothing, including:






Both male and female and any age. 

Please place all donations on the table by student reception.

All donations made will go to supporting local people in need this winter.

As part of Southam College’s celebration of World Kindness Day on Friday 13th November 2020, we would like to recognise the acts of kindness from all our community. Students are being asked to send in a photograph, highlighting their acts of kindness by Tuesday 10th November. 

We want to strive to make the world a better place; promoting good deeds, celebrating positivity and highlighting our kind and caring students!

Please send all entries to


Southam College are celebrating World Kindness Day on November 13th 2020

Students who wish to take part, are required to send in a picture of their kind act.

Each entry recieves 30 HAPS with the overall most inspirational kind act, recieving 500 HAPS for their house!

Please send all entries by Tuesday 10th November

All entries will go towards creating our ‘Southam wave of kindness’

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