House Sports


Yesterday’s House Sport proved to be the most exciting. Amazing turnout from both houses with incredible atmosphere on the sidelines.

Year 7 Girls: DRAW
Year 7 Boys: WH win

Year 8 Girls: GV win

Year 8 Boys: WH win

Year 9 Girls: WH win

Year 9 Boys: WH win

Godiva and Shakespeare on Tuesday!

Shakespeare v Webb Ellis House Sport

Amazing turn out today from both houses! Well done to everyone who showed up to support – the atmosphere was incredible! Both teams had wins and draws, very exciting competition. Looking forward to Thursday where Godiva take on Whittle!
Year 7 Girls: WE win
Year 7 Boys: DRAW
Year 8 Girls: SE win
Year 8 Boys: DRAW
Year 9 Girls: WE win
Year 9 Boys: SE win

Southam Super Sevens!

The year 7 team lit up a dull, dreary Monday afternoon with a fantastic opening football fixture of the 2018-19 season against a spirited Henley side.

The boys understood it is an honour to represent Southam and all wanted to get the season underway with a win. Noah was named as captain and led the squad in a warm up before we got down to business.

The year 7’s started well, using the conditions to their advantage and playing some neat football through the commanding Fred  and Will at the back who were marshalled very well by Charlie. All three boys looked to start attacks and create space for the midfield to work their magic. It wasn’t long before Southam got their first chance, good work from Ollie down the right before flashing a ball across the box. Things continued in the same fashion with Jasper not having much to do apart from clear up a few long balls from the Henley defence. The breakthrough came after the ball was won in midfield and played forward, the Henley defence miscommunicated and allowed Ronan to smash in a strike from 20 yards. The half time score 1-0 to Southam.

Changes were made at half time but Southam still applied the pressure. Harry got a deserved, well-taken goal after smart play by Leo, again down the right side. Henley got back in the game after a break away goal. This only encouraged Southam. Jack, Joe and Reshawn continued to start attacks. Ronan scored his second goal of the game after good work in the midfield before he struck a ball into the top corner. Southam continued searching for more goals and were denied by good saves and the woodwork on two occasions. The final goal of the game was scored by Harry after good solo work before striking powerfully past the goalkeeper. Final score 4-1 to Southam.

A fantastic performance from the whole team but man of the match goes to Ollie for continued accuracy and precision with his passing and being the vital link between the defence and attack. A superb first Southam College performance.

The team all played well together and I am looking forward to seeing the team progress throughout the season. A fantastic start, well done.

Mr Turton

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